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As a liberal arts college, Benedictine College is dedicated to providing a liberal arts education by means of academic programs based on a core of studies in the arts and sciences. Through these programs, the college guides students to refine their capacity for the pursuit and acquisition of truth, to appreciate the major achievements in thought and culture, and to understand the principles that sound theoretical and practical judgment require.

The general education program seeks to achieve these goals by dividing the general education requirements into three categories: Core, Foundations, and Skills/Perspectives.

The Core

The Core courses are classes that all students take. They are courses designed both to lay the foundation for a successful academic career and to clearly and explicitly communicate the mission of the College.

Course List
Select one of the following:3-4


English Composition With Review


English Composition


Honors English Research Seminar 1
Foreign Language 1 24
Foreign Language 2 24
THEO-1100Introduction to Theology3
PHIL-1750Principles of Nature 33
GNST-1000BC Experience1
EXSC-1115Wellness for Life 41
Total Hours19-20

Honors Scholars are required to complete Honors English Research Seminar in place of English Composition.


Students are required to have competency through the second semester of the same foreign language. Students who are non-native English speakers should refer to the catalog section on “English as a Second or Foreign Language.” American Sign Language 1 and 2 may be transferred to complete the Foreign Language requirement.


PHIL-2310 Philosophy of Nature, also satisfies the college’s core requirement in philosophy.


NURS-3200 Foundations of Nursing, for Nursing Majors.

Approved EXSC Fitness Courses

Course List
EXSC-1100Physical Fitness1
EXSC-1105Beginning Gymnastics & Body Mechanics1
EXSC-1106Beginning Swimming1
EXSC-1107Beg Weight & Circuit Training -FITNESS1
EXSC-1108Intermediate Swimming- Fitness1
EXSC-1109Karate (FITNESS)1
EXSC-1111Varsity Sport Activity1
EXSC-1114Aikido (FITNESS)1
EXSC-1116Lifestyle FIT1
EXSC-1117Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I1
EXSC-1126Zumba (FITNESS)1
EXSC-1128FITNESS Swimming1
MILS-1160Foundations of Officership1
MILS-2160Individual Leadership Studies2
MILS-3160Leadership & Problem Solving3


The Foundations are where Benedictine College most explicitly focuses on transmitting the specific purposes of the general education program: to refine students’ capacity to pursue and acquire truth; to help them to appreciate the great achievements of thought and culture; and to develop their capacity to understand the principles of sound practical and theoretical judgment. The College does not require courses to be from specific departments (for example, history), but rather looks at the subject of the course (for example, art history or economic history also provide students with an “historical inquiry” and thus fulfill the foundation). Benedictine College believes that it is essential that students are exposed to a wide variety of perspectives, thus even though a course may be listed in two different Foundations, each course can only be applied to one Foundation.

Students must take courses that meet the following foundations:

Course List
Aesthetic Experience6
Historical Inquiry6
Mathematical Reasoning3
Person and Community in the Contemporary World3
Philosophical Inquiry6
Understanding the Natural World (including one lab) (Must be taken in two different disciplines.)7
Total Hours37

Skills and Perspectives

The Skills and Perspectives courses are designed to ensure that the students are exposed to a variety of perspectives and learn the essential skills they will need for a successful life after college. Because the College believes that these things can be accomplished in a variety of ways and in almost any discipline, the intention is that they can be met through the general education program or the major, without any additional required hours. Students can be credited with up to three Skills and Perspectives (and one Foundation) in one course.

Course List
Skills and Perspectives
Global Perspective (1 course)1
Oral Communication (1 course)1
Scientific Method (1 course)1
Visual Communication (1 course)1
Western Perspective (1 course)1
Written Communication (2 courses)2

Transfer Students

Transfer students who have an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science degree, or who transfer in 60 or more hours when they begin their studies at Benedictine College can complete the general education requirements as follows.

(Beginning freshmen who matriculate first to Benedictine College after high school graduation, even if they have an associate’s degree or transfer in 60 or more hours, are responsible for completing the entire general education program.)

General Education requirements for transfer students with Associate’s degree (A.A. or A.S.) or who transfer in 60 or more hours

Course List
Core Requirements
Select one of the following:3-4


English Composition


English Composition With Review


Honors English Research Seminar
PHIL-1750Principles of Nature3
orPHIL-2310 Philosophy of Nature
THEO-1100Introduction to Theology3
EXSC-1115Wellness for Life1
Each course may meet one requirement:
Historical Inquiry3
Aesthetic Experience3
Mathematical Reasoning3
Person and Community Foundation3
Understanding the Natural World3
Select one of the following:3


Philosophical Inquiry

Select one of the following:3-4

Global Perspective (1 course)

Foreign Language

Total Hours31-33

Courses in the above areas taken for college credit prior to transferring to Benedictine College will usually be accepted and will reduce the general education hours required for graduation accordingly.

General Education | Academic Catalog (2024)


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