Training and Development Specialist Clinician (ARPN, APN, NP, PA) – Lincoln and Omaha, NE in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States at Planned Parenthood North Central States (2024)

Planned Parenthood North Central States

Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Training and Development Specialist Clinician (ARPN, APN, NP, PA) – Lincoln and Omaha, NE

Pay: $51.30+ per hour (experience will be compensated)

Schedule: Full-time, 32 hours per week

Shift times: Schedule varies along training cycles. Primarily Monday – Friday, occasional Saturdays. Work 4 days per week. Onsite training days start times as early as 8am, end times as late as 8pm. For administrative work, starting between 8-10am and ending between 4-6pm. Day off will vary based on training schedule.

Location: Time will be split between listed health centers, depending on training needs.

Job type: Non-Exempt

Float/Travel: Frequent travel among listed health center locations. Primarily day trips. Admin days may be completed remotely or at health center.

Union Membership: This position is represented by SEIU.

Questions? Contact

Benefits and Perks:

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including:

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance with equity-based premium tiers
  • NICE HEALTHCARE. A free, virtual primary care for entire household (in-home available for qualifying locations) Services include: 80 free labs, free x-rays, and physical tests, live, virtual physical therapy, 550+ free medications and more!
  • Continuing Education Reimbursem*nt: up to $2,000 and 4 paid days off annually.
  • Flex Spending Account
  • Life Insurance
  • Eligibility for Federal Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Paid time off: PTO starting at .05769 accrual rate per hour worked.
  • 8 hours volunteer paid time off annually.
  • 8 paid federal holidays & 2 paid floating holidays.
  • Retirement: 403(b) with employer match, 50% for the first 6% deferred
  • 8 weeks Paid Parental Leave
  • Pet Insurance
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Earned Extended Leave
  • Free subscription to Headspace App
  • Time off to vote.
  • We also offer employee discounts for electronics, appliances, hotels, gift cards, apparel, cars, fitness memberships, groceries, and at Office Depot, Verizon, AT&T, Dell & more.

This position is eligible for paid time off (PTO), Earned Sick and Safe Time (ESST), and participation in the 403(b)-retirement plan. We also offer employee discounts for electronics, appliances, hotels, gift cards, apparel, cars, fitness memberships, groceries, and at Office Depot, Verizon, AT&T, Dell & more.

We also offer:

  • Start date flexibility.
  • Comprehensive paid training for all health services positions & flexibility with hours per week during training. Training includes classroom, mock clinic, and shadowing shifts.
  • Shift differentials:
    • $1.50/hour (weekend), $3.00/hour (evening), $4.00/hour (float/travel), $2.00/hour (Bilingual), and $3.00/hour (ultrasound)
  • Travel reimbursem*nt.
  • Schedules created & sent out 6 weeks in advance.
  • Option of picking up additional shifts, including at other locations other than your “home” clinic.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Current state license as a Registered Nurse/APN in Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska with National Certification as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women’s Health Care, Adult or Family Practice NP OR current state license as a Physician’s Assistant in Iowa, Minnesota, or Nebraska
  • Any additional requirements for practice/prescriptive authority in Iowa, MN or Nebraska, including an active DEA license in the state of current licensure and practice
  • Any additional requirements to be credentialed by third party payers, i.e. master’s degree.
  • Current Healthcare provider BLS certification
  • Two years’ experience working in a family planning clinic.
  • Two years’ experience inserting/removal IUCs and Implants.
  • Access to independent transportation, valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance, with willingness to drive to different health center sites as needed.

Your Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Works with Associate Medical Director, Clinical Training Team, Senior Directors, Health Center Managers and APC Managers to understand and assess needs and develop appropriate interventions and materials. Design and develop training materials, (e.g., self-learning materials, group training materials and conferences), that can be used to train, mentor, and coach staff in performing their job functions.
  • Works with appropriate health center, department or team leadership to develop and implement training plans for new employee training as well as ongoing training needs.
  • Delivers training curriculum in approved formats and within established timeframes.
  • Formulates and implements evaluation systems to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and quality of training being provided, as well as the transfer of learning from the material to the jobsite.
  • Promotes standardization of evidence-based and/or best clinical practice.
  • Supports initial and ongoing evaluation of clinical staff.
  • Act as a resource and support to all PPNCS teams and employees in the provision of their job functions.
  • Assist and prepare employees to be in alignment with and deliver consistent messages about PPNCS mission, strategic objectives and values.
  • Ability to learn new IT applications and e-learning technologies to be utilized for training, e.g., online learning, web-based learning, etc.
  • Assesses new technologies and services that facilitate ongoing and efficient delivery of interventions that build and maintain a learning environment
  • In conjunction with Human Resources, maintains files of training materials and documentation of individual training completed.
  • Flexible schedule to meet training needs/schedules of clinics which may include occasional weekends and evenings.
  • Will work a minimum of one health center shift at a PPNCS health center monthly in order to maintain job proficiency.

Immunization Requirements:

  • Hepatitis B vaccination records and titers
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination records or proof of immunization
  • Chicken Pox vaccination records or proof of immunization
  • Tetanus shot documentation
  • Tuberculosis PPD Skin Test that is no older than 12 months

About Us:

At PPNCS, we believe all people deserve the right, the freedom, and the opportunity to follow their personal ambitions and choose their own path toward a healthier, more meaningful life. That’s why we protect, promote, and provide comprehensive and progressive sexual and reproductive health care for generations of people and families with empathy, care, and respect. We are looking for passionate, dedicated staff who are eager to make positive contributions to their community and to the Planned Parenthood mission. To learn more: Our Mission.

When you work for Planned Parenthood, you make a difference in the lives of those we serve by affirming the human right to reproductive health and freedom.

Planned Parenthood is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, sex, gender identity or gender expression, national origin, age, veteran status, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, size, disability, socioeconomic status, or status regarding public assistance. Planned Parenthood is committed to encouraging and promoting diversity as well as providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in employment, its services, programs, and activities. Planned Parenthood is dedicated to an equitable and inclusive work environment and encourages all interested candidates to apply regardless of initial skill set.

*Any job offer will be contingent upon the results of a background investigation.*

This position is included in the SEIU bargaining unit, and depending on state law, requires union dues be deducted from employee paychecks in an amount up to 2.25% of gross pay.

Training and Development Specialist Clinician (ARPN, APN, NP, PA) – Lincoln and Omaha, NE in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States at Planned Parenthood North Central States (2024)


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